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3rd Annual Weight Loss Challenge Begins Oct 1st!

We have had hundreds of pounds lost!

THREE MONTHS to start your new lifestyle; to make huge changes; and to lose the weight that you have been carrying!

What exactly do I get with this challenge?

- Custom Workouts every week

- Custom nutrition planning and accountability coaching

and so much more!

With your workouts and nutrition set up for you, this is sure to bring on long-term change! 

How much do you want to lose in 3 months?


Enter 2024 a NEW YOU!

So what is involved?

    This is 3 months - 90 days - this is not an "overnight" or QUICK fix. This is a way to make long-term, realistic changes to help you not just lose weight, but to make healthy and positive lifestyle changes that you can continue on into next year and hopefully the rest of your life.

     There is no weekly check-in, or group classes, but of course if you're local you can take advantage of our normal full class schedule!

    What you will get, is TrueCoach workouts. For those who haven't gotten workouts before, TrueCoach is simply the website/app that we use to allow us to write programs for you. They give video examples of the moves, and space for me to make notes, and feedback for you! If you have specific goals or things you want to work on, let me know here so I can customize your workouts for you - we want you to get the most out of this as possible!

   We are going to (if you're local) have you come in to do your first assessment (weigh-in, body fat% and measurements); this does not take long at all.

    Here are two windows where you can come in:

Sunday 10am - Noon

Monday 3pm - 4pm

    Please email us at to arrange a different time if these do not work. We'll make it work!



    Nutrition is going to be a little bit more customized, and we'll chat about that to get you started... some people want a full meal plan, some people do better with broader goals like telling you how many calories and macronutrients to hit for (which we will provide custom for each person).

   What we also want, a huge part of this - is ACCOUNTABILITY!

    So this is the email address you'll contact us at (

    I want you to get in the habit of emailing me every day. Send me your food for the day (I don't care if it's pictures, written out, screenshots in a food tracking app) but the good and the bad - send it! You can also include what you've done for a workout that day if you'd like. 

  It really does help to have someone hold you accountable and know you're reporting to someone.


Current members can sign up here!


New members to Soules click here to sign up!

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