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On August 18th, we'll be dancing the night away in honor of one of our own!

One of our members, Colleen, has had a long journey with her husbands health battles, the most recent of which was a leg amputation in May after his battle with cancer.

Though he's healing well, of course we all know that the health bills for things like that pile up like a mountain, let alone the inability to work, and the cost of living for them and their fur family!

As a community, we want to raise funds to help in any small way that we can!

So, we are doing a ZUMBATHON! From 5-8pm you can stop by at any point and come dance in honor of Colleen and Al! Stop by for one dance, or come for an hour, or the whole time!

Cost of entrance is $10 - all of which will go directly to them. You can also pick up a "Pledge Sheet" at the front desk at the gym, where you can get family/friends to pledge money per dance that you attend. I.e. they can pledge to donate 1 penny or 1 dollar per song you stay for; if you stay for 8 songs, they will pay 8 pennies or 8 dollars, etc.

We're hoping this is a fun way to help out one of our own! We hope to see you all there!

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