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This is like nothing we've ever done before!

For six weeks, we will meet two times OUTSIDE for FUN, extreme bootcamp-style workouts that will SHRED fat, BOOST your metabolism, and TONE and STRENGTHEN your body!

You and Your ACCOUNTABILITY PARTNER will work together side by side to dominate and change your bodies!

Outdoor classes will be Wednesday nights at 5:30pm, and Saturday mornings at 8am.

They will take  place at the Fitness Court behind Lee High School if weather permits; if it rains it will take place at the Pavilion at the Lee Athletic Field.

On top of the TWO private classes you will also get:

  • 3 TOTALLY customized workouts per week of your choosing - powerlifting program, weight loss, agility, bodybuilding - whatever you want!

  • Customized specific meal plan (not just macro goals) designed to boost your metabolism!!

  • WORKSHOPS! Nutrition, Yoga, Mobility and SO MUCH MORE!

Typical Challenge - $150 for non-members

Coaching/Custom Workouts - $150 (6 weeks)

Meal Plans - $150 (6 weeks)

Workshops - $100

That's $550... but for our last 6 Week Program of the year, members AND non-members can get all this for only $99.99!!!

Sign up now right here!


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