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This is going to be such a fun way to stay active - and competitive - in 2024!

Can you cross the U.S. - in miles - by the end of 2024?

Your mileage goals are at the bottom of this page, but first; here's how this will work!

Download the STRAVA app (or log into a Strava account online) and use this to track your walking, running, swimming, or biking workouts throughout the year.

For us to track your mileage, follow Josh Reis on Strava, as well as join the "Group Challenge" titled SOULES FITNESS CROSS COUNTRY 2024 in Strava.

*Important note that the Strava leaderboard will show who is winning only based on TOTAL miles, but we will have all the leaderboards updated throughout the year at the gym!

Here are your mileage goals and how to win! We are going to be offering HUGE prizes! Merchandise, personal trainings, gym memberships, gift certificates, AND MORE!

There are TWO ROUTES we will be following across the country.

2,742 milesBIKE AND WALK - That's East to West (West Quoddy Head Maine to the Pacific Coast in Washington State). 

2,089RUN AND SWIM - That's  the shortest distance across the country - San Diego to Georgia!

Bonus mileage - it takes 3,600 on ROADS to drive across the country. If you hit this number you'll be in for a GRAND PRIZE!


On Strava, even if you don't start on the First, you can connect your Apple Health or any connected devices and log your previous workouts, so it won't be too late to join! Just make sure to check the Health settings and make sure it's selected to automatically send your workouts to Strava so that we can count them.


Let the race begin!!! 

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